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Go #InsideInnovation at Cisco Innovation Center Toronto

Join us as we tour Toronto's Innovation Center, where collaboration is creating solutions for health care, finance, education, and smart cities.

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 Video Transcript

Graphic: Inside Innovation

This device is an electroencephalogram for the home. It pulls the electrical impulses from your brain--visual, emotional, auditory, and motor cortex activity. A clinician's office would be able to connect with a patient from their environment.

Graphic: Where innovation happens; Cisco Innovation Centers

Toronto is a very vibrant, rapidly growing city. Cisco has made tremendous investments to help digitization of industry and public sector. The Cisco Innovation Center was established in 2015 to bring together all our innovation platform, to co-create with us solutions. Within the Toronto Innovation Center, our key verticals that we focus on are health care, financial services, education, oil and gas, smart and connected cities and real-estate.

Graphic: What innovation looks like; Cisco Innovation Centers

Bruce Croxon and Round 13, our venture capital partner of ours, they expose us to some of the exciting innovations and startups. Aislelabs brought a layer of intelligence to the Cisco Meraki system which enabled patterns to be monitored and translated into usable data. Aislelabs is a marketing and analytics platform for transportation, airports, shopping malls, real estates and smart cities. It works by providing anonymous analytics about what's going on at the venue. Wi-Fi signals are picked up by Cisco infrastructure and then the Aislelabs server makes sense of all that data and presents it back to the marketing manager. Consumers can have a more customized experience within a retail space, businesses can tap into value and consumer behavior like never before. At the shopping mall, you can visually see the concentration of the people. At an airport, one can understand what's the passenger experience or delay and how does that translate to sales.

Graphic: International Airport: Reduced passenger wait times up to 10%; Increased annual revenue by 25%

The next 10 years are gonna be all about people and companies that know how to use data. The Cisco-Aislelabs marriage is a real, intelligent breakthrough.

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We work with established institutions. We partnered with Mackenzie Health Care facility to transform the doctor/patient experience. With the Innovation Unit at Mackenzie Health, we physically turn a medical unit into a life lab where we can put real health care problem to test and provide the best care possible. A medical grade wireless system and unified communication solutions from Cisco, connect medical devices and smart phone for the nurses and doctors to receive messages from their coworker as well as from their patient. These technologies will provide better patient outcomes, smarter ways of managing patient data, more securely, and more effective use of doctor time. Cisco, I think, is doing more than anyone in the country to support innovation. The innovation that we drive will change how consumers interact with business, how businesses address consumer demand, and new business outcomes can be realized. By demonstrating the opportunities of the Internet of Everything, we bring to life how we change the way we live, work, learn and play.

Graphic: #InsideInnovation; Power Innovation for the Internet of Everything; cisco.com/go/innovationcenters; thenetwork.cisco.com