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Leadership@Cisco: Joe Cozzolino

Senior VP of Services Joe Cozzolino talks about the importance of building great teams and how his family inspires him. To see more leadership@cisco videos visit http://cs.co/6058BOUxr

 Video Transcript

I suppose I get my inspiration mostly from my family. You know, that’s what kind of drives me to, you know, work hard, give ‘em security. And then there’s self-inspiration; it’s that need to win. Or, not lose. I’m fond of saying I hate losing more than I love winning.

What keeps me up at night? Besides losing . . . People, I think; doing the right thing for people. You know, sometimes you have to make tough decisions. And, it’s very hard to do that. And I think for anybody if it’s, if it’s not hard for them to make those hard decisions, they might have lost some of their humanity. And, I know when I have to make those decisions, it costs me a lot of sleep.

((Text 3 things that make a good leader))

So, transparency, honesty, being very good at making quick decisions. So you never have all the information. And the worst thing you can do is get into analysis paralysis. But I always say, it’s better to make the 10 decisions you need to make, you know you’re gonna probably get two or three of them wrong. You go back and fix ‘em; so, speed of decision making. And finally being able to pick good people; not just individuals, but people that work together really well in a team. Watching a team together, and play their position, and therefore win; is an amazing thing to watch.

((What will technology enable us to do))

I think about self-driving cars. Having, never being limited in terms of your freedom to be able to do things as you get older. So, there’s medical technology that’s going to extend, maybe not our lives, but our quality of life. And I think about technology in things like self-driving cars that will allow us to be completely free no matter how old we get.

((Text – What makes you laugh))

My children. All the time, I mean they just amaze me. I mean, I love comedies and stuff but it’s the real life things that I see them do day in and day out, that just, that cracks me up. And they all got great personalities, so they make me laugh. At the end of the day, I’m fond of saying as much as I love work, and I work way too much, I work to live. I don’t live to work. And it comes back to family. It really does.