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From hand washing to lighting, the smart phone is changing healthcare

Ambient lighting, hand washing reminders and more are the latest Connected Mobile Experiences from Cisco.

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 Video Transcript

Hi, welcome to connected mobile experiences for healthcare. We’re going to show you a couple of examples of using connected mobile experiences and your WiFi network to improve the healthcare.

First of all, patients will have a very subdued set of lighting when they first arrive in a room to help them relax. When the doctor comes in, you would raise that lighting up. So you can have that lighting level dependent on the doctor’s device entering the room. So you have the idea of a WiFi network providing some control for the Internet of Things.

A second example is the patient records. The idea would be here, as the doctor’s device, that’s been logged on and detected, enters the room, will provide an additional level of security that says, I’m only going to show these patients devices or x-rays when the doctor is in the room. That provides you an extra level of security, something that knows my password, something that has my fingerprint, and somewhere I am in the room that allows that capability.

A third example of the capabilities in healthcare is operationalizing hand washing. In this case, as I’m close to the patient, I get a reminder that I should be washing my hands. I’ve actually got to go back over here to the hand washing station, and make sure I’m in here for a certain period of time as the doctor before I’m allowed to return back to the patient. This is operationalizing something that’s really important, hand washing, is done based on the connected mobile experiences knowing where you are.

So there are a couple examples of how you can use connected mobile experiences in healthcare to improve outcomes. Thank you.