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Leadership@Cisco: Pankaj Patel

Pankaj Patel, Cisco's Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer gives his advice about what he thinks makes a great leader. In this video you will also learn what he wanted to be when he was just a teenager and how he ended up in engineering.

 Video Transcript

This is my dream job I always wanted to be an engineer since I was a child I am so glad I have enjoyed all the 35 years of career in engineering and being able to work with so many talented folks at Cisco.

Three characteristics that would make a good leader – in my opinion its about honesty, integrity and trust very basic but very important very critical.

I feel that being able to listen to a diverse set of customers globally everyone has a different perspective everyone wants to do something different and the opportunities for us as a company are immense.

Big data and analytics will play a huge role in about 5 years we will see major transformation in the ability of the massive data we have how do you really make sense of all this data how do you make it to good use for what you want to predict and then long term has to be internet of things – internet of everything.

Our ability to execute and maintain the leadership that we have maintained for so many years and even to extend it makes cisco more relevant is something I always keep thinking about at night.

What will surprise people about what they probably have never heard– at the age of 14 I wanted to be a monk this will surprise people who see me drive what I drive ( laughs) but I was always interested in solving problems and being an engineer so I said if I become an engineer maybe I have a different impact an average humane being and help his or her life in a much different than becoming a monk so that is what got me to my senses I guess (laughs)

There are two areas I am very passionate about one is education and the other is health or heath care – I devote time and energy on serving on non profit boards.

Last but not the least from my two grown up sons who are in their 20s because every time I talk to them they remind me how much I have to learn and that is where I get my inspiration from – honestly.

Leadership@Cisco is a video series that introduces you to our leadership team at Cisco. During this series you will learn what inspires each individual, what they are most proud of and even something that might surprise you about each person.