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Cities of the Future: Songdo, South Korea - Living

by Wendy Tanaka

Songdo International Business District uses advanced network technologies to create an unparalleled lifestyle experience. With the touch of a button, residents can manage their homes' energy use, adjusting everything from lights to air conditioning--even remotely. Episode 2 of the series.


In Songdo, South Korea, city planners, architects, and builders are laying a foundation that goes far beyond bricks and mortar

Its infrastructure uses advanced network technologies to improve the city's quality of life.

Lee Jong-Cheol, Commissioner, Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority: Building a city and applying technology at the same time is most cost effective and efficient. What's more, the most ideal information and communications technology is also attainable.

Jean-Louis Massaut, Director, Cisco Services Korea: We deploy technologies which is actually connecting all of the building subsystems together. We connect, you know, power system, fire alarm systems, everything together so that we can bring the benefits of reduced maintenance cost of the building.

Developers call this a smart and connected community where technology places control in residents' hands. With the touch of a button, they can manage their homes' energy use, adjusting everything from lights to air conditioning--even remotely.

Stan Gale, Chairman, Gale International: You touch the screen and an array of services and controls come up. Intuitively the system goes through and seeks areas of energy use and reduces them. By asking the equipment to be more efficient, I've met a reduction in my carbon footprint.

Songdo is taking energy efficiency even further by rolling out TelePresence in every home, office and school, allowing people to connect to each other through video.  This further reduces the city's carbon footprint by curbing people's need to travel.

Jean-Louis Massaut: The TelePresence system is actually quite critical for Songdo. Once it's deployed, we can offer the residents of Songdo, all the people who are working here, access to very innovative services where you really have a better service if you see the person face to face but don't want to travel there.

Stan Gale: I think the way it's going to change the life of people is take the anxiety out of where do I meet, need to be, at this point in time. You're always there.

Lee Jong-Cheol: Songdo International District is aiming to be the perfect model city. The network communication technology will bind all the city services together.

Like Songdo, smart city projects around the world are developing network technologies for managing energy demands and connecting to vital services.

By 2016, Songdo's 65,000 residents will be among the first to experience this new way of living.

Learn more at thenetwork.cisco.com/songdo

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