Social Spoken video series

A summer 2011 weekly video series and Webby Honoree that showcases the talents of world-class spoken word poets. These original poems focus on the real-life uses and impact of the network on our daily lives.

Social Spoken: Aneta Brodski on the Power of Video

Aneta's poem, "The Magic of Technology," tells the story of using video technology for deaf people to speak to others continents away.



Social Spoken: Rachna Vohra on Technology and Education

Rachna's poem, "The Classroom Just Got Bigger," tells the story of technology's impact on learning and its impact on the global classroom.



Social Spoken: Patrick Rosal on Technology's Impact on Boxing

Rosal's poem, "Saturday Night Card," tells the story of how the video replay of boxing matches connects him and his cousins in the Philippines.



Social Spoken: Tahani Salah on Technology's Impact on Society

Salah's poem, "Pixel Picked Realities," tells the story of how technology has enabled disparate societies to come together.



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