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My Networked Life: Shilo Shiv Suleman, Bangalore, India

Meet Shilo Shiv Suleman. She is an Indian illustrator, animator and visual artist. Shilo's latest project centers on mobile technology as she creates interactive narratives for children on the iPad. Her stories of fantasy and wonder create interactions and experiences that encourage her readers to actively seek out natural environments.

My Networked Life: True Stories from a Connected World, is a documentary-style video series that takes you around the world for a look at how young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and students are using connected technology to achieve goals and realize dreams.  These stories are personal, they are real and they are powerful. #networkedlife


Shilo Shiv Suleman, Bangalore, India
"I'm allowed to be a digital gypsy of sorts. My office can become a small little grove under a giant banyan tree."
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Full Transcript:
In India we've always had really beautiful ancient rituals and stories, and as a contemporary storyteller, for me it becomes really, really interesting to see how I can bring back that magic into the digital world somehow.

I started my blog when I was sixteen. At first I was putting up writing, and then I started to run out of words so I put up photographs.

And then I found that actually I could put up all the illustrations that I had been doing in my journals through travelling around India. 

Suddenly I have an entire community that's grown around my blog. It's really amazing because every single job that I have done has happened just through my blog. Just by having some kind of presence in this digital world. Just having this network means that I am always inspired.

My blog was discovered by the ink conference, and the talk that I actually gave at this conference went on to ted.com, and that's been completely mind-blowing. It was insane; it was like a wave of love from across the digital world just being sent out at me.

My mother is an artist as well.

We teach kids at home. Now with mobile technology that's connected, one can actually get their kids outside of their house with their technology. What we try to do is use technology in interesting ways. We put up stuff on pinterest and find stuff on google, and that becomes our inspiration when we are learning about artists from across the world. 

Khoya is an interactive narrative for the iPad, and it really tries to explore the links between magic, the earth, and technology. Each image in Khoya is a thick web of symbols and myths and archetypes from across the world.

I'm allowed to be a digital gypsy of sorts. I can travel across India, you know, by the river, in forests, by the beach, and I can take my work with me. My office can become a small little grove under a giant banyan tree.

It makes me really, really happy that I can inspire people across the world just by being myself and traveling and doodling in my notebooks, and I think that's really, really amazing.

"Globally, there will be 19 billion networked devices in 2016, up from 10 billion in 2011." Cisco Visual Networking Index