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London 2012 Olympic Games: A Cisco Engineer Wins Tickets

System Engineer Steve Cramer's Adventures at Cisco is the "Gold Medal" winner in Cisco's London 2012 Olympics Video Contest—ranking first out of 140 fiercely competitive entries.

Later this month the world will be watching the London 2012 Olympic Games and a Cisco employee will be right in the thick of things. Steve Cramer, a Cisco system engineer, won a video contest at Cisco to win tickets to the games. Video entries were less than two minutes long and answered the question, "What do YOU make possible in your daily life, for your family, friends, and community – or at work?"

Steve's video "Adventures at Cisco" parodies 1960's TV shows and everyone in his family played a role with his son Charlie as the star. Steve's video was the top pick out of 140 very creative entries. As the winner of the contest Steve won a trip for two to London and tickets to two events. He also won a digital camera he will use to take pictures at the games and we will check in with Steve while he is there.

Steve's wife will accompany him on his trip to London in August and we asked him a few questions about what they are looking forward to.

What are you most excited about? "I think that we are most excited to not only see London, but to see it in the spirit of the Olympics. We are thrilled to be able to be there in person to watch Olympic events, something that we've only seen on TV before, and to cheer on the athletes. It's a once in a lifetime experience."

Have you ever attended the Olympics before? "No, but we've always loved watched them on TV as much as possible."

Do you have a favorite Olympic Athlete? "Not one specifically. We think that all the athletes are amazing. The amount of training and preparation that they do for their sports is incredible and we can't wait to scream and yell for them all. We're packing our red, white, and blue clothes!"

Will you be taking a lot of pictures? "TONS of pictures. Photography is something that Elizabeth and I love to do as a hobby. She's much better at it than I am. J There's going to be so much to see and do, we want to document it all to remember it."

We will check in with Steve while he is at the games, he will send us a short story on his adventures in London along with a few photos. Congratulations Steve.