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Have You Visited “The Network” Lately?

by Autumn Truong

If you haven't heard, we recently launched The Network: Cisco's Technology News Site, and we've received great feedback from the media including ZDNet, Ragan.com, BrianSolis.com, and Splash Media. We have content organized into six topic categories, and we've added more serial content to our regularly-programmed menu.

World-class journalists and our staff (including yours truly) produce the content, but we also want to hear from you! You can send your story suggestions to TheNetworkStoryIdeas@cisco.com and visit our Got Story Ideas contest page for more information.

Here's a brief description on the types of content -- feature stories, videos, infographics, and blogs -- you can expect in each topic page and a list of our serial offerings.

Topic Categories

Data Center: Cloud computing, virtualization, and Cisco's Unified Fabric are transforming data centers, making them more efficient and more "green." We aim to easily explain the data center revolution and what it means to businesses.

Core Networks: Switches and routers are the backbone of the Internet. We will illuminate the latest trends in network hardware.

Video: Video traffic has exploded and will continue to grow. We will highlight trends and how companies can use the technology to solve business problems.

Collaboration: Mobile devices, video, social software, and more are becoming increasingly interconnected. We will share trends and how businesses can take advantage of collaborative technologies.

Cisco Culture:Teamwork, inclusion, diversity, and innovation are some of the key tenants that make up Cisco's culture. We will highlight various case studies and stories through the lens of our Cisco employees globally.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Slideshare, etc. From tools, trends, business applications, and best practices, we will share Cisco's own experiences as well as those from other companies and social media experts.

Serial Offerings


A monthly, interactive, live-streamed chat with a Cisco executive on a wide-range of technology topics. Recent Talk2Cisco chats have highlighted the future of video , and despite its hype, cloud computing is just beginning to take off.

Network Trailblazers

A monthly video showcasing the tech luminaries who created the modern Internet network, as well as those who are taking it forward. Cisco's Kirk Lougheed, who helped create Internetworking Operating System, and Vint Cerf, dubbed The Godfather of the Internet, are just two of the legends highlighted in this series.


A monthly video that highlights Cisco engineers who have developed ground-breaking technologies that have wide-reaching impact and benefits for the tech industry.

Social Spoken

A summer 2011 weekly video series that showcases the talents of world-class spoken word poets. These original poems focus on the real-life uses and impact of the network on our daily lives. Here's the first video.

Top Tech Tips

A monthly how-to guide and video on topics such as creating a custom Facebook tab using iFrames, and keeping up with social media using newsletters, Paper.li, and lists.

In the Spotlight

A monthly spotlight on Cisco's employees and executives sharing experiences related to their jobs, technology, and what it means to be part of the Cisco family. Each story is unique and is shared through the lens of the individual employee.
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The Social Soap Box

A monthly series that looks at social media trends, technology and best practices from Cisco and social media influencers in the technology industry. Contributed written posts, videos and graphics are just a few of the types of content that will be highlighted in this series.
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