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The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: July 15-19

Happy Friday! Start your weekend with a look at the top stories on The Network this week, and see what to look forward to next week.

1.) Mobile Tickets Take Off!

Move over paper tickets! Jason Deign takes a look at the mobile or "m-ticket" trend, and shows you where it's becoming popular, and why.

2.) Using the Internet of Everything to Make Your Garden Grow

Sensors and seedlings combine to make gardens thrive. Anne Field shows you how The Internet of Everything is helping growers and consumer gardeners.

3.) Partnering with Apple on BYOD and Great User Experience

Did you know Cisco is one of the largest enterprise users of Apple products across the world?  Learn how the two companies collaborate in the BYOD space.

Coming up next week:

Gen Y at Work

What attracts the next generation of tech workers? This week Cisco, Google and Twitter representatives sat on a Commonwealth Club panel and shared how they recruit top talent. Hear from employees and find out what perks top their list when looking for a job.

Cisco Innovators: Identity Services Engine

Meet the team leads behind one of Cisco's premiere security platforms. Learn how they are working to make the network more agile and secure.

We'll see you next week!