Feature Story

The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: July 8-12

Take a look at the top stories on The Network this week, and see what to look forward to next week.

1.) Rio’s “Knowledge Squares”: Creating a Legacy of Digital Inclusion

Ever heard of a Knowledge Square, or a Knowledge Ship? See the unique futuristic cubes going up in Rio de Janeiro, and find out why they’re being built.

2.) The Technology Behind the World’s Largest LED Light Sculpture

Get a look at the giant network infrastructure bringing power and data to a one of a kind piece of art in the San Francisco Bay Area.

3.) 10,000 U.S. Patents Down–and Many More to Come

A look at Cisco’s journey in innovation, and its milestone of U.S. issued patents.

4.) Bringing The Internet of Everything to Life

Get a look at possibilities with The Internet of Everything and see how it works, from the supply chain, to the retailer, to the consumer. John Chambers, Cisco Chairman and CEO, and Jim Grubb, Chief Demonstration Officer, demonstrate the value that IoE can bring to Cisco's partners.

Coming up next week:

  • Mobile Tickets Take Off!

Have you noticed lately that paper tickets seem to be going the way of the cassette tape? We take a look at the mobile ticket trend in several areas, including travel and entertainment.

  • Using the Internet of Everything to Make Your Garden Grow

Sensors and seedlings combine to make gardens thrive. We’ll check out how The Internet of Everything is expanding opportunities for growers.

We’ll see you next week!