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Cisco's 2013 Editors Conference

At Cisco's 2013 Editors Conference we showcased Cisco's vision for Internet of Everything and its impact on the future of IT

Here you can see some of what was shared by our executive hosts Rob Lloyd, President Development and Sales, Padmasree Warrior, Chief Strategy and Technical Officer and Pankaj Patel, Chief Development Officer. Wim Elfrink, EVP, Industry Solutions, discussed Cisco's emerging markets strategy, Jesper Andersen, SVP Video Technology Group, showed us what television looks like in the mobile/cloud era, and an all-star panel of CTOs explored the new technologies most likely to transform the way we live, work, learn and play in the decade ahead.

PART ONE – The Internet of Everything


Vision, Economic Value, Industry Transformation

Rob Lloyd, President, Development and Sales


Impact for IT, Key Challenges, Towards the Model for Next Generation IT (Demo)  

Padmasree Warrior, CTSO
Demo: Sean Curtis 


Building the Next Generation IT Model
Mobility, Cloud, Internet of Things…

Monique Morrow 

Pankaj Patel, Chief Development Officer

With Maciej Kranz, Jean-Phillipe Vasseur

PART TWO – The Next Generation Video Experience


Television for the Cloud and Mobile Era
Videoscape Unity Showcase and Video Vision

Jesper Andersen, SVP, Service Provider Video Technology

With Steve Necessary, VP of Video Product Development, Cox Communications

PART THREE – The Globalization of Innovation


New Emerging Countries Shape Innovation at Cisco with case studies from Brazil, China and India

Wim Elfrink, EVP, Industry Solutions

With Aglaia Kong, Ishwardutt Parulkar and Kathy English

PART FOUR – The Next Big Thing: Emerging Technologies Panel


Trends on Cisco's Technology Radar – CTO and DE Panel
High Efficiency Video Codec & 4K Video; Real-time Conversational Speech Recognition & Speech Translation; Video Analytics, Big Data & Internet of Everything (the Platform); SDN, SiPhotonics

Technology Radar - See how Cisco uses its network of scouts, "Tech Radar," to pave the way for open innovation.

Stephan Monterde, Senior Manager, Corporate Development

Kip Compton, CTO, Video and Collaboration Group 

Dr. Ananth Sankar, Distinguished Engineering, Collaboration and Technology Group

Dr. Guido Jouret, VP and GM; CTO, Emerging Technologies Group

Dave Ward, VP Engineering, CTO and Chief Architecture