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My Networked Life: Azita Ardakani, Vancouver, Canada

Meet Azita Ardakani. She is the founder of Lovesocial, a social media agency with an eager mandate of "connecting people with things that matter."

My Networked Life: True Stories from a Connected World is a documentary-style video series that takes you around the world for a look at how young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and students are using connected technology to achieve goals and realize dreams.  These stories are personal, they are real and they are powerful. #networkedlife

Azita Ardakani, Vancouver, Canada
Social Media Agency Founder
"The network is the lifeblood…it is literally everything that we need to be able to connect."
Follow @Azita, @Lovesocial, and visit lovesocial.org: a social media agency with an eager mandate of "connecting people with things that matter."

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Full Transcript:

There's always been technology since the 19th century basically that allow people to connect, whether it was the typewriter, the telephone, the fax machine.

The technologies will change, but the need to effectively communicate a message will never change. And I think that is where the focus should be, is the value of the message as opposed to the value of the medium. 

I feel a responsibility to help bring messages that are worth getting out there to as many people as possible.

When brands and companies start entering the social media space, they couldn't use the same traditional ways of communicating. It was no longer a one-sided conversation, it was a two-sided conversation.

Lovesocial is a social media agency that I started about four years ago. A lot of what we do is basically take brands and corporations and causes and help them create a persona that people can connect with.

We always start with a manifesto with our clients. A manifesto is basically your legend. You can't talk about your services, your products, there's no pitching involved. It's the core inherent value proposition of what makes you you, and what should make people care.

The network is, you know, its the life blood, it's the literally everything that we need to be able to connect. It was really an accident to start Lovesocial. It wasn't like at 18 I thought I was going to be an entrepreneur. Lovesoocial was actually my Twitter handle and then it became my company. That's the amazing thing about the online space, is if you create something that has value a community will find you and support you. And that's what happened to me.

Most of our clients are all around the world and we connect with them through technologies seamlessly, from video chat to instant chat online to social networks and email. We can connect with our clients, we can connect with our community at a click of a button virtually anywhere. I literally work from planes, trains, and automobiles. I think I was on sixteen flights in the last month. It's pretty incredible that I can still do my work.

I can discover a company in the morning and have them as my client by the end of the day. I can target them on Twitter, send them an email, be on a telephone call within hours whatever the time zone is and literally have a new client, a new friend, a new partner within a 24 hour period. That has never been possible until now.


"Globally, there will be 2.5 networked devices per capita in 2016, up from 1.5 per capita in 2011." - Cisco Visual Networking Index