6 second stories about technology in the digital age

Taming the Data Monster


Data is exploding, and without the right strategy in place, it can be a monster. When tamed, data holds the key to great insights about an organization’s business that could help grow sales, improve the customer experience and save a lot of money.

Security Everywhere


The changing nature of business due to the digital economy and the Internet of Everything requires security everywhere –if security is at the foundation of every industry, it can be a growth engine to seize new business opportunities.

The Internet of Everything Helps Take Out the Trash


Every country, city and business is becoming digital. Cities all over the world are becoming increasingly aware of how the Internet of Everything can help make them more efficient. That includes using trash bins equipped with sensors that collect data on which bins are empty or full.

From Idea to Innovation


Innovation is at the core of Cisco’s culture. We believe tech innovation can blossom from the smallest idea. What sets us apart, is the ability to bring those new ideas to life.

Imagine a global incubator network with the brightest ideas and biggest social impact


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