Meet the Exec: Maciej Kranz

"The impact of IoT is already profound as the data generated by devices not only makes businesses more efficient in the short-term, but also transforms them in the long-term with new value propositions, new markets and new business models."
Maciej Kranz, Cisco's VP of Corporate Strategic Innovation lives and breathes innovation. It's not only his job, but also his passion. He's seen time over time how innovation can change the world and save lives. Kranz recently talked with Focus Magazine and shared how important IoT is to the healthcare industry.

Focus Magazine: Why is innovation so important to Cisco?

Maciej Kranz: I've been at Cisco for 18 ½ years and have seen that every few years we face a major technology or business transition. Right now, we as a company and the entire industry face many across-the-board disruptions. So we need to anticipate, proactively address and even drive such transitions and continually find better ways to meet customer needs. Which is why, innovation is not an add-on. It is an essential element of our strategy and culture, an essential part of our DNA. Innovation is happening in every function at Cisco and part of my group's mission is to continually instill a mindset of innovation across the company.

Focus Magazine: You are responsible for bringing big ideas to life. Can you explain how you do that?
Maciej Kranz: My team focuses on three areas. The first one is incubating new businesses in something we call "white spaces." When we spot an area that could be a market transition, or new technology that could revolutionize any part of Cisco's business, we assign our top business and technical talent to research this area with other experts. Then, we start building prototypes to get hands-on experience, eventually developing business cases, and finally we work cross-functionally with other Cisco teams to incubate these businesses. Continue »