Meet the Exec: Oliver Roll

"We have to change our habits. We have to try new things. We have to put ourselves in uncomfortable positions because if we don't we won't find the kind of success we want. That's what we did with our communications for the Network Intuitive launch."
Oliver Roll loves bringing big and bold ideas to life. In his first year at Cisco, he's had a chance to do just that as Chief Communications Officer. Focus Magazine recently sat down with Oliver to talk about Cisco's story, as well as his own.

Focus Magazine: You're about a year into your role as Cisco's Chief Communications Officer.

Oliver Roll: That's right, it was a year on December 12th.

Focus Magazine: Tell me how this last year has been, besides going full throttle on all cylinders?

Oliver Roll: I use two words to describe my first year here at Cisco. Intense and energizing; energizing because I'm stimulated in different ways every day so my brain is just having a ball! I have a wonderful set of fascinating things to work on, whether it's Cisco's story and how we articulate why we matter, the value we provide customers through our products and solutions, or our position and approach with world events. It's just hugely, hugely stimulating.
My second word is intense. I joined at a time when the company was in the middle of a pretty significant transformation. We have grown up as this very successful networking company. We are at a now at a point where we are completely evolving the value we offer customers through our security portfolio, through analytics and through intuitive technologies. The change the company is going through has made for an intense year.

Focus Magazine: You've been at the forefront of some amazing launches in 2017, like Spark Board and The Network Intuitive. They were very different from what Cisco has done in the past. Can you tell me about that? Continue »