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Meet the Exec: Rowan Trollope

"Our Spark platform and hardware (including Spark Board) are innovating all areas of workflow for employees – from video conferencing, messaging, meetings, to presentation sharing. "
Focus Magazine: You're Cisco's SVP of IoT and Applications. That's a big title, but can you explain what that means and what you oversee?
Rowan Trollope: I joined Cisco almost 4 years ago to lead the Collaboration Technologies team. During that time, we have revitalized Cisco's collaboration portfolio and with the recent launch of Spark Meetings and Spark Board, believe we are modernizing the way people work.

Last April I took on additional responsibility with Cisco's Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and customer offerings. As I did with Collaboration, I took the time to really understand how we could provide significant differientation for our customers at a time when ‘connected things' are pushing the scale and architecture of the Internet as we know it. I'm excited about the strategy we have laid out in this area and look forward to a busy 2017 as we provide new solutions to the market.
Focus Magazine: Do you have a typical day—and if so—can you describe it?
Rowan Trollope: I hope not – I would be very bored if my days became typical. I thrive best when new opportunities, new challenges are presented. If I had to quantify where I spend my time, it does go towards helping our customers, partners, and employees with their questions. I rely heavily on Cisco Spark to keep me in touch real-time with these folks through group chats like "Ask Me Anything" spaces or 1:1 spaces for more direct questions. Each time a customer reaches out, I am able to quickly connect them with experts on my team through Spark while still being able to observe and chime in when needed. Continue to full Q&A »