The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: August 13-17

Check out The Network's top stories of the week and what to look forward to next week!

Just because the Olympics are over doesn't mean we have to stop talking about them! Check out The Network's Olympics landing page on all things London 2012 and learn more about Cisco's role now that the games are over...

Cisco also had a busy and exciting week! Take a look at our top stories...

1.) Cisco Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2012 Financial Results

On Wednesday, August 15 Cisco reported its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2012 earnings. Hear from John Chambers as he offers insight to CNBC on Cisco's latest quarter and Shaw Wu, Sterne Agee analyst, also chats with CNBC about Cisco's earnings.

2.) New Approaches to Spectrum: The Challenge of Wireless Data

A new feature article by Steve Wildstrom takes a look at how the government is dealing with the challenge of an explosive growth of wireless devices and the increasing demand for more bandwidth. Do you think the government should move more agressively to promote frequency-sharing technologies and if so, how?

3.) My Networked Life: Patrick Stevenson-Keating, England

Meet Patrick Stevenson-Keating, designer and technologist. Working across physical and digital platforms, Patrick's work combines new technology with physical artifacts and refined prototypes. Follow @Patrick_S_K on Twitter and visit

4.) Demo: Cisco Security Prime Manager

The new Cisco Prime Security Manager redefines the relationship between management and the innovative contextual firewall platforms. Robb Boyd welcomes special guest Danny Anello to demonstrate exactly how this is done.

Take a look on what we have planned for next week...

  • Schools Embrace Mobile Learning With Multiple Devices: A look at how one school district is transforming teaching and learning by letting students bring their own devices to class.
  • Going Social: Digital Age Ushers New Era Of Recruiting. This feature article will take a look at the variety of social media tools companies are using to find the best qualified candidates for the job.
  • Next Wednesday you will have the opportunity to meet the next My Networked Life individual, Clora Romo from Mexico City, Mexico. Clora is a young woman living in Mexico City, trained as an architect with a mind for bettering the city and promoting the culture. She uses the network to bring people together through Pase Eusted, an online community she co-founded.


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