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My Networked Life: Patrick Stevenson-Keating, South London, England

Meet Patrick Stevenson-Keating, designer and technologist. Working across physical and digital platforms, Patrick's work combines new technology with physical artifacts and refined prototypes.

My Networked Life: True Stories from a Connected World is a documentary-style video series that takes you around the world for a look at how young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and students are using connected technology to achieve goals and realize dreams.  These stories are personal, they are real and they are powerful. #networkedlife

Patrick Stevenson-Keating, South London, England
"Technology has become so influential in the design process, especially networking technology."
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Full Transcript:

I've always loved working with my hands from an early age.

My dad and myself would always be working together, making toys rather than buying a piece of plastic off the shelf. 

The reason why I do design is because it does enable you to influence not only your own life, but the lives of other people around you. It can take a most subtle detail that most people would overlook, and through the process of design it transforms it into something quite magical.

For me inspiration can come in lots of different forms; going for a walk down the streets, seeing the contours of a building, a silhouette of a shape on the ground, the texture or the pattern of something. And I think the ability to let yourself be inspired is really what I think is key to creating good, well thought-out, innovative design.

Superflux is a collaborative group of designers. Our work deals with a wild influx really, and we are designing for this period of uncertainty. One of the projects we are currently working on at Superflux is called OV Pro, and in this project we are working in collaboration with a scientist at Newcastle University to restore some sort of sight to people who have a particular type of blindness. Technology has become so influential and in the design process, especially networking technology. It's completely changed how your project can be run. Traditionally you would have to have meetings; today the use of video conferencing and the instantaneous nature of information transfer is really, really revolutionizing the way that we work.

For my generation, the economic structure is very different to our parents' generation. Personally, I would always love to work in a job that I feel is exciting and stimulating, over one that I know is just going to pay me a certain amount every month . And I think technology has really been a factor in this shifting perspective. It's really only your imagination that limits you.

"Two of five millennials surveyed said they would accept a lower-paying job that had more flexibility with regard to device choice, social media access, and mobility than a higher-paying job with less flexibility." - Cisco Connected World Technology Report