System Engineer Steve Cramer's Adventures at Cisco is the "Gold Medal" winner in Cisco's London 2012 Olympics Video Contest. Now we get to hear about Steve's trip to the games and how says the spirit of the games is something he will never forget.

We first introduced you to Cisco Systems Engineer Steve Cramer a few weeks back when we told you about a video contest here at Cisco – his prize, tickets to the London 2012 Olympics. As promised we are checking back in with Steve to see how he is enjoying his trip to the games. Here is a blog post from Steve who is at the games right now.

Steve Cramer - Cisco Systems Engineer:

The unthinkable happened. I got sunburned in London.

When Elizabeth and I were planning for the games, we made sure to pack our rain gear: rain boots, raincoats, and umbrellas. What we didn't plan on was amazing weather here in beautiful London.  Hence, the sunburn.

Weather aside, since we touched down in Heathrow, we've marveled at the spectacle that London has put on here at the Olympics games. The spirit of the Olympics is everywhere. From the friendly volunteers, to the people on the streets, to the fellow spectators at the events. Everyone is there to have a good time and see history be made.  You can strike up a conversation with anybody and share this unique experience with them. It's truly a global phenomenon.

The events themselves are incredible and what we loved was the mixture of old and new. The beach volleyball was at the Horse Guard Parade, the official entrance to Buckingham Palace where, long ago, jousts used to be held. Track and field is held in the enormous stadium located in the sprawling Olympic Park in the newly revitalized section of East London.  To be in these special venues and to cheer with the crowds of people watching the athletes is something Elizabeth and I will always remember.

Technology for the Olympics is everywhere. Everywhere you turn there's technology empowering the games. There's wifi in the Underground stations and on the trains. There are digital signs all around you. Using my tablet we were able to video chat with Charlie thousands of miles away.  There are streams of video coming from all the venues across London. Seeing the technology in action and how each person uses it is an eye opening experience.

To top off this amazing trip, we got a chance to tour the Cisco House. Set above the nearby shopping center, it has the most amazing view of the Olympic Park in all of London. Inside we had a personal tour and were able to see all the amazing Cisco innovations and all of them working in concert. There was Videoscape showing numerous video streams of all the different Olympic events. Smaller conference rooms with TelePresence units set up are scattered throughout the House.  Phones, APs, servers, were all working together flawlessly and the result was a showcase and a statement of how Cisco changes the world. Showing the impact that Cisco has, not only on customers but on communities, makes me so proud to be a part of a company that is leading the charge to change the world, for the better.

Thank you so much Cisco family and here's to the rest of the Olympics and beyond!

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