The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: April 16-20, 2012

This week The Network featured a video spotlighting Cisco's General Counsel and his innovative approach to legal services and a fascinating story about NASA, cloud technology and collaboration. Check out these stories and more and see what is on tap for next week.

Featured Stories

1. Innovation Leadership: A Conversation with Mark Chandler, Cisco's General Counsel (VIDEO)
Mark Chandler, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Cisco, manages a team of 250 professionals. He is known within legal and business circles as a change agent. In this video Chandler talks about the steps he's taken to make legal services more efficient at Cisco...changes that have been recognized as nothing short of innovative by industry peers.

2. NASA Opens Space Data To Take On The World's Toughest Problems by Melissa Jun Rowley
If you like space and technology…you want to be sure to read this story by Melissa Jun Rowley. NASA has updated its Open Government Plan with the intention of creating more transparency and community-driven collaboration between the Agency and the public. With open data at its core, the initiative is leveraging the cloud to benefit humanity.

3. Partners Summit 2012
Be in the know...check out the news and information that came out of this year's Partner's Summit.

4. Network Trailblazers with Professor Jennifer Rexford by Scott Gurvey
In case you missed it, be sure to check out the latest installment of Network Trailblazers…this one is hot! Princeton University Professor Jennifer Rexford talks to broadcast journalist Scott Gurvey about the future of network design and the intersection of technology policy and academia.

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Now, take a look at what is coming up next week!

1. Wi-Fi Offloading by Steve Wildstrom
With wireless data growing fast and furious, there's no question that demand is growing much faster than carriers' available bandwidth, even with considerable improvement in efficient use of the airwaves. One solution is moving a good chunk of the data that currently moves over carrier networks onto Wi-Fi.

2. The Economics of Cloud Computing – Live Webcast April 25, 11a.m.

The economics of cloud computing

3. Cities of the Future: Songdo, South Korea – Roadmap for a New Community
Don't miss the final episode in this multi-part series about future cities. Building Songdo required more than just big ideas. Developers needed to find the right technology company to make the city a reality.  

Enjoy the weekend!

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