Cisco Innovators: TelePresence and Beyond

The Innovators series showcases the vast amount of engineering talent at Cisco by featuring top engineers, in their own environment, sharing their experiences and innovations.

Hakon Dahle, a leader in Cisco's TelePresence Technology Group, talks about the evolution of TelePresence and the future of video communications.

Full Transcript:

My name is Hakon Dahle and I'm the Vice President and CTO for the TelePresence Technology Group My primary focus areas are clearly TelePresence, but also how TelePresence works well with unified communications, collaboration and other video enabled applications

Video is at the heart of effective communications

If you look back five, six, seven years, business video and TelePresence was a very niche application. What we are seeing now is that we are expanding the footprint, making it more available and clearly much more pervasive in terms of its reach. I think it will be clear that videos will be the preferred way of communicating, you'll simply expect it. You'll expect it to be available anywhere, at anytime on any device.

Focusing on Innovation

It's very hard to say let's sit down and innovate, that just does not happen in my opinion. What you have to do is put a framework in place so that you foster innovation, be receptive to new ideas and make sure your developers know where to go when they have an idea. When they have an idea, what should they do with it. What excites me about innovation here at Cisco and in the TelePresence Technology Group is the fact that we have so many talented and skills engineers and we're able to bring all of these into the innovation process. Cisco does foster a culture of innovation where everyone is included.

Innovation is Happening at Cisco

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