Feature Story

2011 Year in Review: Data Center, Virtualization and Cloud Computing

by Wendy Tanaka

See how cloud computing applies to a cupcake bakery. Read how handset virtualization can create two phones on one device. These were among the top five videos, feature stories and graphics on The Network this year.

How Big Will Cloud Computing Be in 2015? Consider the Cupcake

An animation telling the story of datacenter traffic growth, through the scope of the back office of a cupcake bakery.

One Device, Two Phones

Contributing writer Steve Wildstrom explains how handset virtualization makes it possible for companies to let employees bring their own devices, while maintaining secure control over enterprise content and security.

How the Cloud Can Make Your Small Business Look Bigger

"On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog." It's much the same thing with cloud technology and small companies. Contributing writer Anne Field explains that with the cloud, no one knows you're a small business.

Data Centers Don't Need To Be Energy Hogs

Integrating technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and Cisco Unified Fabric into data centers can dramatically lower energy consumption. Here's a look at the amount of energy each technology can save.

"Greening" the Data Center

Cisco's Allen, Texas, data center is a showcase for the company's technologies, including Unified Fabric and switches. The data center also has a number of "green" features, such as photovoltaic solar panels on the roof that generate 100 kilowatts of power and an uninterruptable powers supply room that replaces hundreds of batteries.