Cisco Innovators: Neil Diener and Walt Shaw Improving the Wireless World


March 21, 2011

By Karen Snell

Neil Diener and Walt Shaw are pretty humble when it comes to talking about their innovative contributions at Cisco. But there is no hiding their passion for their work and the impact it has on the industry.

Diener and Shaw led the team behind Cisco Clean Air technology. Clean Air is a feature of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network that improves air quality by detecting RF interference that other systems can't recognize, identifying the source, locating it on a map and finally, making automatic adjustments to optimize wireless coverage. In a sense, this technology "turns the lights on" allowing IT managers to identify, address and solve interference issues they didn't see before.

Together, Diener and Shaw were recognized for their innovation with Cisco's prestigious Pioneer Award for product innovation. The award recognizes and rewards teams that leverage Cisco's culture of technical innovation, take risks and collaborate to fuel growth in new markets, redefine current markets, or provide game-changing improvements to engineering productivity.

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