Talk2Cisco: Social Media and Cyber Security

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and what better time than now to connect directly with one of the industry leaders in security, Christopher Burgess, Senior Security Advisor at Cisco

It's no secret that whenever we go online, we face security threats. But, with the growing use of social media tools and applications, whether at home or in the office, are we introducing a whole new set of security concerns? What are the risks for corporate data loss with regard to employees on social media?  What are some of the risks users should watch out for as they use social media networks?  Does it make sense for a corporate social media policy to include expectations for outside behavior? 
These questions and many more will be discussed on the next Talk2Cisco featuring Cisco Senior Security Advisor and author, Christopher Burgess (@burgessct). Join the conversation and ask your questions!    

Talk2Cisco Broadcast: Tuesday, October 26 at 1:00 p.m. PT

Christopher Burgess, Senior Security Advisor, Cisco

About Christopher Burgess:
Christopher Burgess is a senior security advisor to the chief security officer of Cisco, where he focuses on intellectual property strategies.  Additionally, Christopher leads the Global Investigative Support team, providing forensic support to the enterprise; the Government Security Office, addressing global national industrial security support and administration; and the Global Threat Analysis team providing geopolitical, economic and security analysis team, all from within the Corporate Security Programs Office. 

Prior to joining Cisco, Christopher served as a senior national security executive for more than 30 years. He lived and worked in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Europe, and Latin America where he acquired a deep understanding of the people, cultures, and business practices of these respective areas.

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