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The Ultimate Cisco Live Attendees

Check out the winner and the semi-finalists of the "Who is the Ultimate Cisco Live Attendee?" contest

Cisco Live 2011 may be a wrap, but we still need to recognize some of our most loyal attendees who continue to make the event a success year after year! Thanks to all who sent in their submissions…Cisco appreciates each and every one of you!

Now the moment you have all been waiting for! The ultimate Cisco Live attendee is….

Carole Warner Reece from Chesapeake NetCraftsmen!!

Carole has been participating in Cisco Live (previously titled Networkers) since 1998 and has only missed one event since. In 1998, she was part of Mentor Labs one of the first vendors to participate in the World of Solutions Expo where now over 200 Cisco partners are on display for customers and attendees to explore the broader Cisco partner ecosystem.

When Carole first started attending the Cisco Live/Networkers conferences she did not have any Cisco certifications, but after attending various technical breakout sessions and lots of studying, she earned CCIE #5168 in September 1999! The photo above shows Carole with her pins for each CCIE NetVet reception as well as her 10-year CCIE tattoo! Congrats Carole!   

Throughout the years Carole has been attending Cisco Live she has been a customer speaker multiple times, supports Chesapeake NetCraftsmen's booth in the World of Solutions Expo and helps coordinate her company's 21 attendee registrations!

Carole has continued to attend Cisco Live thirteen times to investigate new technologies, take certification exams, and network with her peers and Cisco employees. She is considered a "NetVet" and often gets asked to offer her tips and suggestions to new attendees.

When asked to describe the culture at Cisco Live, Carole responded with the following, "I see Cisco Live as a ‘work hard play hard' culture. Cisco Live attendees have a thirst for technology. They want to learn, they want answers to the hard questions, they want to see, touch, and try new products.  The information they gather at Cisco Live is critical to their business and their careers, but they also have a great time at the conference. They also aren't afraid to act a bit silly, even though it might be shown on a huge screen in front of 15,000 of their peers!"

As you can probably conclude Carole really has seen and done it all when it comes to Cisco Live and that is why she is the ultimate Cisco Live attendee! Thanks Carole for all your participation in the conference and we are looking forward to you attending for at least another 10 years!

We also have some great semi-finalists that we just had to highlight as well!

Jeff Fry

Jeff is a CCIE NetVet as well and has been attending Cisco Live since 2005 and since has not missed an event!  He is an active blogger and as dedicated much of his blog to promoting Cisco Live. Check out his blog posts from Cisco Live 2011 below and also lookout for a more in-depth interview with Jeff in the weeks to come!

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Tom Hollingsworth

Tom is a network engineer for a Cisco Partner in Oklahoma City and recently passed his CCIE! He has been attending Cisco Live since 2006 and even had his own unofficial TweetUp this year at Cisco Live called "Tom's Corner." Watch Tom's video submission that he recorded on a Cisco Cius that he won from the Destination Collaboration Contest during the conference! Thanks for your submission Tom!