The second poet in our summer poetry series is Rachna Vohra.  Rachna's poem, "The Classroom Just Got Bigger," tells the story of technology's impact on learning and its impact on the global classroom.

Rachna was born, raised, and is currently residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  She is a poet and author who has published a book of poetry entitled "The Distance Within" and a book, "The Acorn and the Caterpillar."

"We are Generation Connect. We can have history class in India, economics in Japan.  We can recess in Hawaii and lunch in Thailand.  Lectures cannot be heard, not just in one classroom, but around the world. The job of teacher just went borderless."

— Rachna Vohra

All of the original poems in this series focus on the real-life uses and impact of the network on our daily lives. We will publish a poem each Friday throughout the summer. We hope you have a great summer, and we hope that this series gives you a little different way of learning about the power of the network in our lives.

Other poets featured in this series are: Aneta Brodski, Bob Holman, Aja Monet, Jon Sands, Mahogany Browne, Patrick Rosal, Tahani Salah, Shappy Seasholtz, and Edwin Torres.  The dates of the poems are listed here.

The first poet featured was Aneta Brodski.  You can view Aneta's poem here.

The Network: Cisco's Technology News Siteworked with Ironbound Filmsto produce a series of original poems written and performed by some of the best spoken-word poets in the world. All performances were filmed at the famous Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan.

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