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The Network week in review: April 13 - April 17

The Network week in review: April 13 - April 17

Let's take a look Cisco's new business resiliency program, what some of Cisco's non-profit partners are innovating, and how onboarding is going virtual! See below to learn all about it and read more stories!

1. Cisco Business Resiliency Program

2. Will this simple tool delete loneliness

3. CIO insights to keep businesses up and running

4. How Cisco's nonprofit partners are pivoting and innovating to address unexpected needs 


5. How a Florida health system is scaling COVID-19 test responses with AI


6. Cisco TacOps: Offering remote support during crises


7. In a world without sports, we can still live our best 


8. CUBE Conversation: Collaboration's Sri Srinivasan 


9. Protecting your Webex healthcare data