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3 Simple Steps to Develop IT Talent

Martha Heller of Heller Search Associates

Martha Heller of talent sourcing firm Heller Search Associates shares three ways CIOs can nurture their teams' abilities—and their own

Martha Heller Martha Heller of Heller Search AssociatesDon’t Go Back to the Back Office: As a CIO, you need to be a key leader in bringing digital to the rest of your executive team and the enterprise. If you’re a back-office CIO, you are not marketing or branding your organization as a fun, interesting, innovative place for the best talent to come. Instead, be the CIO who puts IT front and center with innovation, because that’s going to be your key to acquiring talent.

Modify the Metrics: IT has one way of measuring their work, but it’s completely different from the way the rest of the company measures its work. If you are assessing IT activity as opposed to business results, you will always be on an island, and you will never develop the innovative, proactive, and consultative talent that you need.

Put IT in the Blender: These blended IT-business people are on the market, but there aren’t that many of them. If you want to win the war on talent, you have to create an innovative, business-oriented IT organization. And create some of these blended IT people yourself, with rotational opportunities for IT to learn business skills and business people to learn IT.

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