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Security Experts on Today's Cyberthreats - and Tomorrow's

Defenders and attackers race for the lead in AI and machine learning.

About this podcast

The potential for a major cyberattack strikes fear in the hearts of business or technology leaders everywhere. But while things seem bad now, threats are increasing exponentially and the impact of new technologies like AI and machine learning are just beginning to be realized – for defenders and attackers alike.

In this podcast, Connected Futures executive editor Kevin Delaney speaks with some leading luminaries in the security space. For some great insights on how to prepare for today’s cyberthreats – as well as tomorrow’s.


Ryan Berg, chief scientist for Barkly Security

Steve Durbin, managing director, Information Security Forum

Luci Lagrimas, director, Cisco Talos

Matt Watchinski, senior director, Cisco Talos

Sven Krasser, chief scientist at Crowdstrike