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7 Tips for Making Partners Part of Your IoT Success

It takes an ecosystem: Four experts discuss their organizations' Internet of Things projects

About this podcast

The Internet of Things promises unheard of efficiency and opportunities. But no one said it would be easy. And few companies possess all the skill sets to go it alone.

In a Cisco survey, partners proved to be a critical factor among the only 26 percent of companies that reported having even one fully successful IOT implementation. But managing multiple partners on a complex project can raise its own challenges.

In this podcast, Connected Futures executive editor Kevin Delaney discusses some best practices for making the partner ecosystem work for you.


Teppo Rantanen, executive director of growth, innovation, and competitiveness for Tampere, Finland

Manny Cancel, Consolidated Edison CIO

John Peterson, general manager of AW North Carolina

Don Kingsborough, president of Westfield Retail Solutions