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Expert Insights for IoT Success

CIOs and consultants reveal what they’ve learned from Internet of Things projects

About this podcast

Transforming your organization for the Internet of Things era is no small feat. And according to Cisco’s research, only 26 percent of organizations can claim even one fully successful IoT initiative.

But what are those successful companies doing right?

In this podcast, Kevin Delaney, co-author of the Cisco research report Internet of Things: Challenges, Breakthroughs, and Best Practices, speaks with some leading lights in the technology world about their IoT successes and challenges:

  • Bob Bennett, chief innovation officer for Kansas City, Mo.

  • Guy Brassard, CIO of Southwire, a leader cable manufacturer

  • Peter High, founder of Metis Strategy, an IT consulting firm

  • Nick Rockwell, chief technology officer of The New York Times

  • Michael Spandau, CIO of Fender Musical Instruments

  • and Zeus Karavala, founder of the IT consulting firm ZK Research.