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Creating the connected campus at EDUCAUSE 2018

by Stephanie Chan

Creating the connected campus at Educause 2018

Cisco Meraki shows us how to keep students connected with cameras, wireless, and security.

Educators and those invested in student progress came together in Denver, Colorado for the annual EDUCAUSE conference. The Nonprofit association aims to bring together technology, academic, and campus industries to discuss higher education and IT. Digital technology can be a major differentiator for success in education, along with helping improve student productivity.

This year, EDUCAUSE announced the top ten IT priorities that higher education will face in 2019. A big issue this year is information security, as well as student success and data privacy. Other priorities include student-centered institutions, digital integrations, data-enabled institutions, sustainable funding, data management and governance, integrative CIO, and higher education affordability.

Cisco Meraki, the experts in cloud-controlled WiFi, routing, and security, were on-hand at Educause to educate the educators about creating a safer and more connected campus. Meraki's session, called "Keeping students safer with wireless and security across campus" showed how different IT leaders are able to protect endpoints, networks, and students. By using smarter security cameras, wireless, and network security, Meraki helps deploy top security for campuses.

The Community College of Denver uses Cisco Meraki technology in two of their campuses—deploying APs, switches, and security appliances, and integrating with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to easily authenticate users onto WiFi. The college also uses the Meraki dashboard, which allows their small IT team to quickly solve network issues.

"I like the ability to quickly track issues in the dashboard," said Chris Arcarese, the school's Director of IT, "If somebody is reporting that they can't get on the wireless, it's really easy to track through our network to see where the problem might exist."

To learn more about how Cisco Meraki dramatically changes higher education with their technology, check here.



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