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5 jokes only programmers would understand

by Stephanie Chan

5 jokes only programmers would understand

Celebrating the Day of the Programmer with humor and education.

Developers have their very own holiday with International Programmers Day! This is a day to celebrate engineering, computer science, and all of its surrounding culture. The meaning of the date itself is geeky: the holiday is on September 13th, landing on the 256th day of the year. This makes sense because 256 is the equivalent of one byte of data. In celebration, we have 5 jokes especially for our programmer audience out there.

Here are a couple of other fun facts about the day:

  • 256 is the hexadecimal value of 100. Hexadecimal is widely used in electrical and computer engineering because of the ease of which it can be converted to and from binary.
  • 256 is the highest power of two less than 365.

In honor of Day of the Programmer, we want to celebrate some Cisco programs for developers.

Networking Academy

For everyone from the programming novice to the certified expert, Cisco's Networking Academy (NetAcad) is a place to grow and learn. Providing online and in-person courses, NetAcad also offers programming courses that prepares students for industry recognized certification or careers like system administrator, app developer, and more.

With classes about essentials in programming languages like C, C++, and Python, the courses are excellent tools for upskilling education, careers, and beyond.


Cisco's Developer's Network (DevNet) is a community hub for programmers of all abilities to collaborate and learn. Learning tracks provide information about the latest Cisco APIs and technologies, including security, analytics, and data center. Forums, events, and social media keep everyone connected and up-to-date, creating communities of interest and support.

DevNet is also a great resource for interested engineers who are just getting started. Network programmability basics are offered via video courses here.

Another great resource for beginners is this network programmability blog by Cisco networking evangelist Hank Preston, who tackles common questions and provides learning and community assets to get you on your way. Check it out to begin your own journey this International Programmers Day!


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