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World Environment Day aims to beat plastic pollution

by Stephanie Chan

World Environment Day aims to beat plastic pollution

Learn more about Cisco's Earth-conscious efforts that are made every day.

The United Nation's annual World Environment Day kicks off this year on June 5th. Each year, the UN chooses a host country to focus on specific environmental challenges as well as to support their efforts. This year's host country is India and the theme is "Beat Plastic Pollution"—a call to reduce the use of plastic and to clean the planet of refuse. The country began celebrations in Mumbai with an initiative called the "World's Largest Beach Clean-Up", where the community gathered to help clean the two and a half-kilometer long Versova beach.

Cisco recently had its own beach clean-up in Portugal, where Cisco employees picked up trash on the Alges beaches. This effort was in conjunction with the company's Earth Aware campaign, a time of volunteerism and awareness in the month of April.

Some other global events from Earth Aware include an Internet of Things garden in Belgium that uses Cisco equipment to maintain and grow vegetables. These crops are then given to local charities like Resto du Couer, a local organization that provides food for those in need.

Another event took place in India, where Cisco employees spent the month planting trees and reducing waste in their cafeterias. The Cisco Bangalore campus also unveiled a new solar facility in April, which will provide nearly 40% of electricity to power the grounds. This is a part of Cisco's recent signing of two solar power purchase agreements to deliver 85,000 megawatt-hours of clean and renewable energy to the Bangalore campus' electric grid.

Cisco works to save the world's animals as well. Connected Conservation is a partnership between the company and Dimension Data, where a secure, reliable network is placed in a South African game reserve to provide 24-hour monitoring. This can track the movement of people who want to poach rhinos, one of the world's oldest and most endangered species. In 2018, the solution has been extended into Zambia to help protect elephants from ivory poachers.

The efforts of World Environment Day can continue with year-round goals. Some of Cisco's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals include achieving a 41% drop in greenhouse gas emissions and positively impacting 154+ million people around the world. To learn more about what the company is doing in CSR, check here.


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