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How Cisco’s Golden Gate Bridge logo changed over the years

by Stephanie Chan

How Cisco's Golden Gate Bridge logo changed over the years

We celebrate the timelessness of the bridge and the logo.

The Golden Gate Bridge will be celebrating its 80th birthday on May 27th, 2018—a very special occasion for San Francisco and Cisco alike because of the company's bridge-inspired logo. The name Cisco, of course, comes from the latter section of the name "San Francisco". The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge started in 1933 and opened to pedestrians on Thursday May 27th, 1937. This bridge connects the city of San Francisco to Marin County, a symbol of connectivity that has become a California icon to the rest of the world.

It's so iconic that the founders of Cisco decided on the Golden Gate Bridge for the company's logo in 1984. The original logo was inspired by the orange and red color of the bridge and looked much like the actual shape.


In 1996, the bridge's tines in the logo reflected more of a digital theme, showing a change in the era of technology. Enclosed in a blue box, the Cisco logo also represented some of the company's routers and switches.



2006 again changed the tines to a darker blue hue, with fewer yet bolder lines to show that beyond routing and switching, Cisco helps the world communicate and network as a whole.



Finally, in 2013, the entire Cisco logo turned a light blue, with the same bold tines that still reflect the shape and strength of the original Golden Gate Bridge design.

Like the logo, much of Cisco's history is crucial to the company's monumental changes and transformations. A lot of the important innovations, machines, and even merchandise is held within Cisco's heritage archive. This room holds 5,000 plus artifacts and over 2 terabytes of digital objects. Some artifacts include a gold-plated Voice-over-IP phone, an original AGS router, and advertisement posters from the 1990's.

Some of these artifacts are available for public viewing at Cisco's San Jose Building 10, where viewers can check out an exhibit called "Our Story". In partnership with the Computer History Museum, this exhibit allows viewers to walk through Cisco's beginnings in 1984 to today, seeing the developments that have changed technology around the world.


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