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Cisco's connected campuses empower students and teachers

by Stephanie Chan

Cisco's connected campuses empower students and teachers

See how Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour and Meraki networks helps bring schools into the future.

#TeacherAppreciationWeek and #ThankATeacher are two trending hashtags that make sure teachers everywhere feel support and appreciation. The company recently invited young women to Cisco offices across the globe for Girls Power Tech, an event that encourages STEM education and careers through inspiration speakers, mentors, and activities. Cisco also takes the needs of both students and teachers seriously by connecting campuses and supplying schools with the technology they need to look ahead.

One example of this is the St. Vrain Valley School District in Colorado, where students each have an iPad mini to use at school and at home. Collectively, this means 40,000+ devices on the district's wireless network.

Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour was able to make both the teaching technology and the student's iPads connect seamlessly for better, personalized learning. St. Vrain deployed this solution, which supports collaboration, content sharing, and IoT devices. Teachers can now share content and apps with their students, and students can use a streaming technology like AirPlay to collaborate with each other.

"When the youngest, brightest most inquisitive minds are paired with experienced and passionate educators, and partners that are equally dedicated to their futures like Cisco, together we can make an amazing future," says Chief Technology Officer at St. Vrain Valley Schools Joe McBreen.

Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) is another school district working to implement a districtwide 1:1 laptop program. OCPS is the ninth largest school district in the United States with more than 200,000 students. Cisco Meraki was able to deploy a network in an OCPS school in only four hours—accomplishing everything from hanging access points, to installing new Meraki gear, to testing the network. The Meraki deployment included solutions for standardized SSIDs (service set identifier), a high bandwidth, central management, and the 1:1 device program. 

The Meraki solution also provided OCPS with Technical Support Reps that can help fix network problems and a proactive IT team that implements future-proof technologies.

Learn more about how OCPS worked with Cisco on this solution by watching the webinar here.


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