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Cisco says May the Fourth be with you!

by Stephanie Chan

Cisco says May the Fourth be with you!

See how the 'Force' is changing AR, VR, and networking.

Thanks to the huge popularity of Star Wars,  May 4th takes on new meaning for brands and fans alike.  The day is a chance for people around the world to celebrate the date that sounds like the iconic line "May the Force be with you".

The franchise, which includes its own sci-fi technology, breaks into the world of augmented and virtual reality with new games. Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is an iOS game that lets users play holographic chess with Lenovo's AR headset. Jedi Challenges projects a circular game board onto a flat surface, allowing players to compete with animated game pieces.

VR company The Void, has also created a Star Wars game for fans who want to experience the movie landscape in VR. Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire allows players to explore a virtual space that is filled with touchable objects like buttons and droids. This game is a walkthrough experience that incorporates physical movements into the VR experience, allowing users to truly feel transported.

Cisco finds the Force in the intent-based network

So what is the "Force" exactly? It's an energy field that gives a Jedi their power, something ubiquitous that surrounds those in the Star Wars universe. In the tech world, Cisco's intuitive network is a "Force"-like strength that powers the new network. This "network of the future" can learn, adapt, and evolve—changing and transforming as the business needs. Recognizing the user's intent, the new network can accomplish things like stopping security threats or anticipating actions.

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Take, for example, intuitive network customer Scentsy, who now uses the new network to distribute information to relevant people. The candle company serves everyone from customers, consultants, and distributors, and needs a way to send people information that only certain people can see. With the intent-based network, this process is now automated—scaling support and saving time.

Cisco's own Force continues to grow and adapt. If you want to explore more about what it can do for a business, check out this video to learn "What is intent-based networking."


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