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Cisco looks toward a more secure future at RSA 2018

by Stephanie Chan

Cisco looks toward a more secure future at RSA 2018

See how the company is participating in this huge cybersecurity conference.

RSA, one of the world's biggest security conferences, was back this year in San Francisco from April 16th to the 20th. Some of the biggest topics tackled this year were everything from AI to machine learning and blockchain.

RSA offered a panel on cryptography to help give clarity to a rather new discipline and to offer a look at the future of information security. Dr. Hugh Thompson of the RSA Conference discussed AI with other panelists to talk through whether artificial intelligence and its applications will have the potential to help or hurt humanity.

Other noted speakers at this year's conference include secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith, and Cisco's SVP and Chief Security and Trust Officer John Stewart.

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Stewart's talk, called "Raise the Bar and Make an Impact," looked into how businesses can better secure their network. Stewart spoke on the current state of cybersecurity to see how things like security are able to create positive impact in the world. The Cisco leader also touched on bringing more diversity into the industry

In a blog post, Stewart writes, "Now imagine a world where we have the best security teams ever because they were built on inclusion and diversity, and their combined differences, broader skills and perspectives, produce safer and more secure organizations...The Cisco Cybersecurity Talent Initiative is aimed at developing the most diverse talent pipeline possible. Cisco Networking Academy is transforming today's brightest minds into a formidable workforce across sexes, ethnicities, and nationalities."

Cisco VP and Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy also presented at RSA on data integrity and data breaches. 

Cisco has also just released news on security, helping protect users from the last 1% of threats. Cisco SVP of Product for Security Business Group Jeff Reed writes, "Securing the endpoint is as critical as the network, and one needs to inform the other to eliminate blind spots."

The Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints is a cloud-managed endpoint security solution that can help prevent attacks and find threats. New capabilities have been added to this, including sophisticated detection and protection that can stop threats like ransomware and cryptomining, and threat investigation with Cisco Visibility.

For email, Cisco has also recently unveiled a new way to help prevent email identity deception. This aids in preventing phishing, protecting brands from fraud, and maintaining email governance. New machine learning capabilities in Cisco Email Security also help block identity deception attacks.

To learn more about how Cisco is helping keep everyone secure, check here. Find our more news from RSA here!



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