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Celebrating STEM education at Cisco this Pi Day

by Stephanie Chan

Celebrating STEM education at Cisco this Pi Day

What's happening around the world with Networking Academy and Girls Power Tech.

Pi Day–March 14th—celebrates the date that holds the first three digits of the mathematical symbol pi, or the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. One of Cisco's big passions around STEM and education is filling the skills gap, something the company works to remedy through initiatives like Networking Academy (NetAcad) and Girls Power Tech.

With 1.2 million computer-related jobs approaching in 2022, it is projected that there will only be enough computer degree graduates to fill 39% of them. Cisco's Networking Academy offers programs in education, career, and teaching to help build the world's next workforce. With over 1 million students enrolling in NetAcad per year, lives change every day. Some, like Raissa Constante from Brazil, didn't begin with a lot of technical knowledge. Through Networking Academy classes, Constante is now studying to achieve her Cisco Certified Network Professional certification.  

To celebrate 20 years of the NetAcad program, current and former students met at the Missouri Statehouse  in February for a celebration.

Cisco is working to bring young women into the STEM field as well—the company knows that currently, only 27% of workers in STEM fields are women. Girls Power Tech is an initiative to help attract young women to working in technology. This program invites girls around the world to meet with local role models and advocates for women in technology. Here they are also given office tours, presentations, and mentoring.

Recently during Cisco's Women of Impact event, 40 young women were invited to participate in the conference where they heard from inspirational leaders in technology.

There is still so much Cisco is doing to support women in technology, including the Women Rock-IT series, broadcasts that showcase tech rockstars who have turned their passions into careers. To learn more about this series, check here.


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