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Daylight Saving Time: How to manage one less work hour with Cisco

by Stephanie Chan

Daylight Saving Time: How to manage one less work hour with Cisco

Collaboration tools to make your work day move faster.

We're losing one hour of sleep, one hour of the day on March 11th, 2018—so how might we manage the possible productivity loss? The future of work is all about time management and how we can all work smarter and better. That's where Cisco collaboration tools comes in. So if you're worried about a shorter work day or perhaps other productivity concerns like travel, remote working, and multiple meetings, collaboration tools could help alieve some worries.

Cisco states in a report that 3 out of 5 people multitask in meetings instead of participating, and that 35% of respondents said meetings were a waste of their time. In terms of how much multiple meetings can cost a business, Cisco found that 15% of an organization's collective time is spent in meetings, possibly causing $37 billion in loss due to unproductive conferences.

Cisco's answers to these issues include setting clear goals and agendas, setting lengths of the meeting to match that goal, and also having the right tech like video—something that helps in conveying ideas and capturing attention.

Next-generation meetings include a ton of collaboration to make conferencing quicker and more productive, saving businesses time and money. The future of meetings can include AI-powered tools liked these:

Cisco WebEx

A software-based platform for HD video conferencing and messaging.

Cisco Spark

Cloud-based collaboration tool for meetings, messaging, sharing, and whiteboarding.

Cisco Spark Board

Touch-based presentation, whiteboarding, audio and video conferencing.

Spark Room Kit

Video collaboration room kits with automatic screen integration and in-room controls.

Video Conferencing

Affordable online meetings for organizations of all sizes.

To learn more about Cisco's future of meeting opportunities that could save you an extra hour (or more), check here.


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