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New developments in Cisco collaboration tools help expand education

by Stephanie Chan

New developments in Cisco collaboration tools helps expand education

Celebrating Digital Learning Day with Cisco Spark in the classroom, and see how teachers can enhance the connected classroom.

February 22nd's Digital Learning Day celebrates the blend of technology and education—an understanding that using tech to teach can greatly expand student experiences. Cisco collaboration tools like Spark and Webex are placed in classrooms to move past traditional learning environments. As the world is changing towards digital transformation, education too must advance.

Education advocate Dr. Lance Ford states that new developments with Cisco collaboration tools are helping teachers become more prepared for digital teaching.

"We are working on taking the next step to empowering educators for the digital age by developing the Cisco Connected Educator program," says Ford, "This is an opportunity for classroom teachers to gain access to Cisco's collaboration tool suite to enhance their student's learning opportunities. The program will allow teachers to earn ‘badges' as they demonstrate real-world application of Cisco Spark usage through a variety of venues."

Cisco's Connected Classroom helps students learn from anywhere, any time, and on multiple devices. This creates avenues for personalized learning, it increases student engagement and provides more resources online. Experts can even weigh-in real-time by meeting with students via telepresence. Watch how Howe, Oklahoma (with a population of 800) was transformed with the implementation of Cisco's education tools.

"Digital transformation allows students to access the highest quality curriculum and content regardless of their geographic location and inspire of socioeconomic barriers," says Ford, "Cisco collaboration allows students to work collectively on Project Based Learning opportunities and still have individual contribution. This happens inside and outside the live class time using tools like Cisco Spark."

Renee Patton, Cisco U.S. Public Sector Director of Education and former teacher, agrees. "Regular and persistent use of collaboration or web conferencing technology in the classroom by faculty and staff is the best way to create and grow a digital school culture," says Patton, "And thus, creates a new digital learning environment."

Cisco has committed to positively impact 1B people through its education programs by 2025. Check out more here and also how Cisco Education helped transform a Kansas School district


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