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Top cybersecurity threats of 2018 and what Cisco is doing to combat them

by Stephanie Chan

Top cybersecurity threats of 2018 and what Cisco is doing to combat them

From malware to IoT devices, see where security threats are likely to occur this year.

As we've seen in 2017, cybersecurity threats were big, bad, and seemingly everywhere. From Nyetya to the Wannacry ransomware, leaks and hacking definitely grabbed headlines. Luckily, Cisco has been on top of the cybersecurity game—even being a source of crucial information in the time of Wannacry. The group at Talos (Cisco's comprehensive threat intelligence team) released this blog in the wake of the ransomware attack.

Now, cybersecurity experts are sharing their thoughts on what we might expect in the security space this year.

The Hill reports that there will be more attacks on organizations, government entities, and infrastructure in the coming year. The healthcare industry may also continue to be a target for attackers, and financial institutions must keep up with cybersecurity practices to maintain a good record.

CSO Online predicts that password-only authentication will continue to decline. To reduce identify theft, organizations need to have multi-factor authentication practices. IoT devices are getting in the mix as well—the millions of connected devices are primed for hacking. Many device makers are making sure these products are more and more secure, but the millions of those already out there may need to address these security issues sooner rather than later.

So what can be done about all of this? Cisco just released an announcement that stated the company extended its Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) to nearly 50,000 customers. ETA is able to use network visibility and machine learning to see the differences between benign and malware traffic. And because machine learning is involved, ETA can constantly adapt to change.

Like we mentioned before, Cisco's Talos team is also constantly on guard against breaches and hacks. Talos helped detect the malware in CCleaner software in September 2017, and the team is always giving updates on its learnings through the Talos blog and podcast.

Cisco's ETA is security innovation that organizations and enterprises need for 2018. To learn more about how to reduce your security risks, click here.