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Oculus Connect 4 and how Cisco brings VR into work

by Stephanie Chan

Oculus Connect 4 and how Cisco brings VR into work

The VR conference brings new innovation to the space—see how Cisco is involved with transforming Oculus and the future of work.

Virtual reality developers and enthusiasts rejoice! Facebook's Oculus Connect 4 conference is officially here.

This conference, held in San Jose, California, invites global engineers, designers, and creatives to learn more about virtual reality. Attendees get the chance to demo products, review apps, and attend sessions. Tracks for the event include design, developer, distribution, and future.

For those who want to watch both Day 1 and Day 2 keynotes, check out the Oculus site or here on TechRadar for more options.

Jumping into innovations for the future of work is Cisco's Emerge team, a team that experiments with the way people work.

The Emerge team, lead by Senior Director Andy Payne, just released Spark in VR for Oculus. Spark is Cisco's all-in-one tool for messaging with colleagues, voice calls, video, and more. Experiencing Spark in the virtual reality space means bringing those conversations into a virtual room. Once someone straps on the headset, they are transformed into an avatar in a virtual workspace. From there, they can pull up their work messages, brainstorm on a whiteboard, make calls, and even look out their office window to a digital view.

Payne will lead a session during Oculus Connect 4 about "Unlocking Business Potential Through VR". The team will also man a booth that will show attendees everything that Spark in VR can offer.

This innovative team branches into every future of work experiment possible—from collaborative TV channels to assistant bots and more. To learn everything about this team and how they are accelerating tech every day, watch our feature on them below.