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Pizza delivery and other ways driverless cars will come to you

by Stephanie Chan

Pizza delivery and other ways driverless cars will come to you

More companies are jumping into the autonomous car game.

Dominos is trying to make your pizza experience people-free. The pizza chain is partnering up with Ford Motors to test the idea of driverless car pizza delivery. The pilot program, starting in Domino's hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan, will test to see if this is something customers could want.

USA Today reports that the car—the Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Car—is capable of driving on its own, but an engineer will drive the car for the pizza delivery test.

Dominos wants to make sure it stays ahead of its competitors, bringing their deliveries to customers in the most efficient way possible. The companies hope to commercialize this idea in a few years.

With so many ways companies like Dominos and Ford are making use of  driverless cars, when can you plan on jumping in one of your own?

Jason Deign reports that fully driverless cars are quickly becoming reality, with Tesla and Google's cars claiming to have reduced collision rates. Other improvements to the driving experience are reduced congestion, a smaller environmental footprint, improved travel times, greater convenience, and more room to carpool. More companies are getting into the autonomous car game every day, so you can expect to be in one yourself, soon.

IoT experiences with your car

For those still behind the wheel and looking to enhance their car driving experience, Cisco aims to bring new tech to the dashboard. Partnering with GM, Cisco helps create connected vehicles with Control Center, an automated connectivity management platform. This platform helps run connected car services reliably and securely.

Some of these services include real-time visibility and remote diagnostics and end-to-end security with multi-layered encryption for connected car services.

The platform helps to proactively detect potential service issues and gives greater protection through two-factor authentication routes.

More than 50 leading car brands are using Control Center—learn more about how you can connect your car with it too, here


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