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Technology that helps reduce food waste

by Stephanie Chan

Technology that helps reduce food waste

See how new apps help organizations donate food and farmers track crops.

Technology is changing the way we can improve our world every day. A large part of that is recovering food that would otherwise go to waste and making sure that all of our resources are put to good use.

TechCrunch reports that Spoiler Alert, a startup that helps manufacturers and farms make use of their extra food, raised $2.5 million for their enterprise software. The cloud-based software connects organizations like food producers, food banks, and pantries. Spoiler Alert helps these groups track their food—specifically what they throw away or donate.

Tracking produce through technology is an excellent way for farmers to know when crops are at their best. Matt Bokor recently reported that the web-based application Tri-Farm allows producers in St. Lucia to enter crop data, which is then turned into a real-time graph.  This technology can aid in reducing the area's agriculture importation bill as well as creating more employment in farming.

Farm from a Box is another connected technology aiming to help smaller and rural farms with challenges like drought, degraded soil, and other methods that lead to low crop production. 70% of the world's food comes from these small farms, so it's crucial that these producers minimize such issues. Farm from a Box are modified shipping containers that are complete with smart farm technologies that help agricultural productivity. This includes renewable power and information and Communications Technology equipment—everything that a farmer may need to grow crops with resilience.

Cisco has helped to connect each Farm from a Box unit with Wi-Fi capabilities and an IoT system to optimize everything from water and energy use to guidance on farm management.

These mobile farm units also include drip irrigation to save water and stabilize crops, and internal cold storage to keep crops fresher for longer.

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