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The best gadgets and wearables promoting women's health

by Stephanie Chan

The best gadgets and wearables promoting women's health

From smart sports bras to glucose monitoring devices, see how new technology is innovating healthcare this National Women's Health Week.

Whether with apps, gadgets, or anything in between, technology has made incredible advances with helping the human body. As we celebrate this month's National Women's Health Week, let's take a look at some of the latest technology helping women maintain their health and wellness.

Digital Trends reports the latest in Apple Watch rumors, writing that the Apple Watch 3 may include sensors that can monitor blood glucose levels. With diabetes research being a big area of interest for the company, Apple may be revolutionizing glucose monitoring for the millions of people suffering from diabetes.

Exercise and lifestyle company Adidas recently launched their All Day fitness app for women. Gadgets and Wearables writes that this app offers meal plans, workouts customized for the user, sleep aids, and mindfulness regimen. This app also lets users in on fitness advice from experts, as well as curating personal music playlists for workouts. Unique in its mix of content within the app, All Day is available for users on both iOS and Android.

Women who run can now benefit from gadget-less cardio time with OMsignal's new smart sports bra. Sports Illustrated reports that the "OMbra" is outfitted with both heart and breathing sensors so that women don't have to be bogged down by extra technology.

The documentary Detected explores a similar style of bra technology—a smart IT Bra that can help detect breast cancer. The innovative piece of Internet of Things technology is highlighted in the new film, which Cisco and Ironbound Films partnered to bring to life. You can catch a screening of this documentary June 5, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. To RSVP, please check here.