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VR can take you on the summer vacation of your dreams

by Stephanie Chan

VR can take you on the summer vacation of your dreams

Before booking a trip to a safari or The White House, see how virtual reality can transport you there first.

Perhaps virtual reality can allow you to experience the summer vacation of your dreams, but what if you could add that VR excursion on top of your real-life getaway?

Travel and Leisure reports that travel technology company Navitaire is allowing potential adventure-seekers to see and experience their vacation spot through VR before booking their trip. It's one way for travellers can make a better decision between one destination over another.

The White House in Washington DC could be another option for your next virtual reality vacation as well.

Mashable writes that Facebook's Oculus team partnered with Felix & Paul Studios to capture a tour of The White House, hosted by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama themselves. This intimate tour—which was filmed in late 2016 and debuted at 2017's Tribeca Film Festival—feels as though you are getting a first-hand experience with the Obamas.

Google Earth is another traveller-friendly app that lets users casually explore every possible corner of the earth. Now, the company has just released the relaunched version of Google Earth with new 3D renderings for a more immersive experience. Yahoo Tech writes that this version is a more exploration-focused app.

Tourism and the virtual reality industry seem to partner hand-in-hand. Anne Field writes that tour operator Matoke Tours—like Navitaire—allows possible safari-goers to experience the Ugandan adventure in offices before booking the trip. Users are also able to truly feel new experiences that they might not ever have been able to; destinations that are hard to find are now possible to visit through VR.

With enhanced adventures of every exotic vacation spot, virtual reality offers much more for people on holiday. Whether actually travelling to a new place or not, VR can take you there.