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Teachers and technology are the tools for the future of STEM

by Stephanie Chan

Teachers and technology are the tools for the future of STEM

Cisco encourages students to pursue STEM, and teachers help carry technology forward—see how the company invests in connected education.

Cisco's passion for STEM education is highlighted by the company's efforts around Corporate Social Responsibility. In particular, Cisco invites young women from around the world into its offices each year to celebrate Girls Power Tech—an initiative to encourage girls to explore the fields of STEM in academia and career. 

Last year's Girls Power Tech day was able to reach more than 4,000 students, connecting girls to speakers and hands-on learning exercises. Mentors are also asked to join the event by speaking to the students one-on-one. Through these meetings, the girls learn that they can participate and join STEM fields—an industry where women are currently largely underrepresented. 

Along with necessary mentorship, students must also be equipped with digital resources for the future. Blake Snow writes that "connected education" can support the increased access and use of technology in schools.

The distinction must be made between the right technologies to use in schools, as well. Cisco's Executive Education Consultant Cynthia Temesi writes that just providing laptops to students isn't enough, but creating a future vision is crucial for the success of the school. Temesi highlights four ways that this can be done; by involving the students and teachers in creating the technology vision, learning what students desire for the future, discovering the specific technologies that will fill the needs, and listening to feedback.

With the right mix of technology and teacher support, the future of education can become more scalable and accessible—and Cisco is passionate about helping foster the students that will help connect that future. Learn more about this year's Girls Power Tech event on May 12th here