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Meet the Millennials: Ana Marquez

by Brittany Coletti

Meet the Millennials: Ana Marquez

Meet millennial Ana Marquez, a Business Analyst in Operations, who enjoys the outdoors and going on bike rides with her new puppy.

Ana Marquez, Business Analyst in Operations

I interned at Cisco in Summer of 15' as a Business Analyst in a Business Architecture and Adoption Management team under the Global Business Services Organization. I gained a tremendous amount of experience professionally and personally, which to me are both very important for my career. Not only was I subjected to learning about my personal organization, but I was also able to expose myself to a variety of functions where I was able to network with almost anyone in any department using the line "Hi I'm a current intern and would love to get to know more about your organization.  "To my surprise, everyone up to VP levels were so responsive and willing to help and guide me to the corresponding people that they felt would be best to educate me depending on what information I asked for. The fact that employees took the time to respond and engage with Interns really made me feel welcomed and as if I were just an important as any other employee and not solely an Intern. Because of this experience, I decided to take a full time offer once I graduated from College.

Today I am Currently a Business Analyst in Operations under a Capability Enablement team. As a BA, I own the Software Offer Attribution from a capability Perspective working with Offer Attribution Counterparts in finance, IT, and BU's.  I love my job because of everything it Entails. My team is on the bigger side and covers a lot of areas which can be overwhelming, but at the same time it has so much opportunity to learn and engage in new areas that aren't assigned to just you. Expanding out of my team the, I love the culture here at Cisco. From our values, to how we treat and support our employees, to the flexibility of work life balance, all of this forms our culture here at Cisco and is very unique in Silicon Valley. Not only do we have various opportunities to move around roles internally, but we also have opportunities to get involved in stretch assignments outside of your organization, as well as joining Employee Resource groups, which are similar to Clubs, where you can participate in events that are hosted by them. All of these opportunities create networking chances and open many doors.

Since at work we are constantly on our computers and using technology, I try to spend my time outside of work doing something outdoors or something active with my new Puppy. In the wintertime, I love to get out to the snow and go snowboarding, whereas in the summer time my outdoor activities can take me anywhere to a hike, a bike ride, the beach, wake boarding at a lake, or a walk to a dog park. I also enjoy taking classes that are outside of technology. My most recent class I took was an art blowing glass, where I made a pumpkin!

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